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How we operate 

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The Best Happy Hour

In the Valley

  • Happy Hour is 3pm – 6pm Tuesday - Saturday and all day on Monday


  • Happy Hour is same at both locations (Nampa & Caldwell)

  • Select Menu Cocktails are “Buy One Get One Free” *equal or lesser value


  • Beer and wine by the glass is $2 off each item


  • There are no discounts on food items





  • You may mix and match cocktails to get the discount

  • If you upgrade the spirit from its recipe the cocktail will not qualify for happy hour.

  • Drinks are sold as a set, there is no discount off one cocktail, (beer and wine are sold singularly)

  • Happy Hour ends at 6pm, meaning your drink must be ordered and made by 6pm, a free drink can not be held for when you are ready.

  • Happy Hour ends at 6pm. Please plan your night accordingly, there will be no discounts after 6pm. Don’t heckle the staff, the computers discount automatedly.

  • You may only have 2 drinks in front of you at a time.

  • If you slam a drink to order another one before happy hour ends, chances are the staff might cut you off for the rate of consumption.

  • You cannot order a drink for a person who is not physically present.


There are rules because said rules have been a problem for us.


Moral of the story. Come early and enjoy yourself. Be polite and then be surprised when the bill is less than expected.


For Both Locations

We Currently do not accept reservations at either location. We will seat your party based on the order in which you arrive. 

Don't stress tho, wait times typically aren't  very long for parties under 6

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Caldwell vs. Nampa

Both are Craft Lounge

We now have 2 locations, one in Caldwell and one in Nampa. They are night and day.


Our Nampa location is in the basement of the 29th masonic lodge, it’s dark and moody and operates as a lounge with a small artisan appetizer menu.


Our Caldwell location is in the old Orphan Annie’s building, which was once a church. it has tons of natural light, tall ceilings and operates as a 21 and over restaurant. You can even order food online here: Caldwell Food ToGo


Our allocated liquor selections vary between locations, but our cocktail menus and normal liquor selections are the same.


You can check out our menus here

Catering Events with Craft Lounge

Craft Lounge is proud to offer off site bar catering service. Fully licensed and insured to put you and your guest at ease. We work with most major venues in the Treasure Valley and come fully equipped with a mobile bar cart at no extra charge. We do everything from large weddings and rented glassware to small backyard BBQ’s and disposable cups.

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