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Welcome to Craft Lounge

"Cultivating the Cocktail Culture"

Our mission is to cultivate a sense of belonging, through the exploration and education of early american cocktail culture.

For us that ultimately means we don't care what you drink, we just want to make you feel at home.  Our team is striving to build a community centered around the glass, though engaged hospitality, continuing education, and a consistent and progressive drink experience.

Not only are we always striving to learn more about what we put in your glass, and the best ways to do it in order to provide you with the most consistent and highest quality drinks in the state, but we LOVE to host.  We've worked hard to build a team who not only love the art of craft cocktails, but who love our customers.   


It won't be uncommon for you to enter the bar and see our staff sitting and chatting with just about everyone in the bar at some point.  We work hard to remember names, faces and drinks.

We can't wait to meet you!

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